Amidst widespread uncertainty, executive leaders face new pressures to profitability, sustainable growth, and "doing more with less." 

Getting the most from your revenue teams now requires a scalable, repeatable, and predictable sales motion. And as strategic leaders build for the future, gaining support from peers, industry leaders, and AI has become more critical than ever.

Join Salesloft Chief Executive Officer, David Obrand, and Salesloft Chief Marketing Officer, Lauren Vaccarello, for a private dining engagement at PABU Izakaya, and be the first to hear their predictions for 2023 and beliefs on the impact of AI and revenue performance. 

Throughout the evening, you will also have the unique opportunity to connect with fifteen high-performing revenue leaders across the bay area, share perspectives on overcoming the economic impact of business growth, and learn how other organizations are driving efficiency by retaining and enabling success across their teams. 

The Details

Time: 5:30 PM PST

Location: PABU Izakaya  | 101 California St. San Francisco, CA 94111